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Did God Tell You Not to "Hearken" Unto Your Wife?"

Yes, Adam got a righteous spank down by God, but what does it mean to "hearken" and under what circumstances would God have chastised this man for daring to hearken unto the voice of his wife?

In Genesis 3:17 God says to Adam, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

In short, according to the Hebrew the word "hearken" is a primary root word and means to hear intelligently often with implication of attention and obedience. Within the garden story, the teaching of the male tradition narrowly defines and then in error widely applies, in meaning and scope, the act of an Adam, and then any man, in "hearkening" unto his wife as a show of disobedience before God.

Yes, that Adam ate the fruit was an act of disobedience, but the mere fact that he "hearkened unto" the voice of his wife, whatever the occasion, is not the issue. The real issue for an Adam was, why now? Why did he specifically choose to hearken unto the voice of his wife in eating the fruit yet this is the same Adam who saw fit to tellingly reject her otherwise righteous garden lead in name as "Eve" and in title as "mother of all living," a name and title which he even chose to suppress, selfishly calling her "Woman" instead, but which nevertheless had been provided to her by the foreknowledge of God, so again I ask, why now?

Why now, when this is the same Adam, as will be later discussed, who had stomach not to hearken to her need, but to silently stand by and watch, and even as an accessory participate in, what he thought might be her death? Further, we must ask of Adam, why now, given that even on the brink of assured eternal damnation for us all, he refused to "hearken" even unto God first, but also unto the "voiced" example of a fallen but confessed and now made just Eve by likewise submitting to make a full confession of sin? So why now?

But the male tradition of the church won’t ask this question, concerning the true motivations of Adam as it will expose too much about the real mind of an "Adam." They will simply say, God punished a now fallen Adam because he, as a now weakened man, hearkened unto, that means even gave attention to and obeyed, the voice of his wife. And yet, it is the same God in word, regarding his desires, who in Genesis 2:24 teaches us that, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

Specifically, the word "cleave" in the Hebrew is also a primary root word and means to cling or adhere, to catch by pursuit, abide fast, cleave (fast together), follow close (hard after), be joined (together), keep (fast), overtake, pursue hard, stick, take. All actions for this man, in relation to his wife and in obedience to the desires of God, which directly speaks to intelligently responding, even "hearkening" unto her whereabouts, that is her positioning (be it physical or spiritual), and watching, paying attention to actions taken, or even not taken, by this female within the garden.

Further, we serve a God who as supplier of all our needs, desires good things for his children. As such God provided a future fallen but rightly confessed Eve as wife, and as an example for an Adam, who according to the foresight of God was also due to fall but who unlike a now proven just Eve, would prove disobedient in making a chosen stand for righteousness and getting back up by way of right confession.

In Genesis 3:13, immediately post-fall, after a stubborn Adam has already lodged accusation in the face of God, the female, responding, even "hearkening" to the questioning voice of God, speaks saying "The serpent beguiled me and I did eat." In the prolonged presence of a soon to be punished Adam, the Lord upon hearing the confession of Eve, validates the full truth of her response by cursing the serpent in Genesis 3:14 saying, "Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life." The Lord will soon turn to speak to the female again in Genesis 3:15, placing her righteously confessed "seed" in a future position of victory over the evil seed of the enemy. But whoa if the heart of God is not yet already lamenting for and because of a still stubborn and proud Adam. Too stubborn and too proud to even embrace the time-out and subsequent extension toward life he has just been given between Genesis 3:12 and 3:17. Too proud and too stubborn to even rightly "hearken" unto the voice of his wife in following, even "cleaving" to her, as an example of how to make a right confession.

It was precious time afforded by a God not wanting to punish, not wanting to evict, not wanting for his beloved human children to fall under the death curse of the enemy. It was time graciously, even generously provided for this man to think, as did the already proven righteous female, with a right mind, to prove himself just and rightly able to handle the sacred things in and around a most holy God. It was time given for Adam to make a critical full garden confession, to lodge a sucker punch to a now hopeful enemy circumventing any need of God to righteously make the death pronouncement. It was time even to consider the victory, possible also for him, just handed by a righteous God to a before fallen but now fully confessed garden female, a female blessed with a name by God she as yet didn’t even know she had, but Adam did.

She wasn’t "Woman" as he rebelliously, even jealously called her in Genesis 2:23, but she, as even a now punished Adam was compelled by God to confess in Genesis 3:20, was "Eve," life-giver, even "mother of all living," and all he had to do was make a full confession of his sins to respectively also earn title as "father of all living," and even for us to continue living eternal lives. But sadly even as we read, we know he won’t. We know this not merely because we already know the end of the garden story, but because in truth, his name, even as given in the beginning by God in Genesis 2:19, a name spoken by God post-fall just prior to his punishment in Genesis 3:9, is "Adam.’ A name speaking to being made ruddy as in ashamed, humiliated, a hypocrite, a mean man of low degree.

In fact, prior to what would soon result in the spiritual still-birth of mankind, and even during what was a very pregnant eternal moment, a moment itself still wrought with the full possibility of deliverance, educated reasoning tells us that an accusing Adam, despite witnessing example of a fallen but fully confessed and now rewarded female, won’t obediently "hearken" and make full garden confession. That he, being an "Adam," and after first refusing to hearken unto the sovereign authority of God, would also refuse to take heed, to pay attention to, and even submit to the female’s rewarded just example in righteous behavior and repent. Because if this story was due to come out any differently than we already know it tragically will, that is, with a fallen Adam seeing fit to make right confession and therefore justly getting up, then our brother "Adam," like our sister "Eve" as in life-giver, would have also earned a name, even from the beginning according to the foreknowledge of God, righteously speaking to life and not defeat by the enemy as in a hypocrite and a mean man of low degree.

So when we speak about an Adam admonished by God in Genesis 3:17 for "hearkening unto his wife," with informed intelligence we can now discern, given all that this suddenly "hearkening" and then fruit eating Adam rebelliously failed to heed from the true righteous identity of an "Eve," that to simply say, even narrowly teach, that a holy God punished this man for "hearkening" unto the voice of a wife (even a wife He gave) who fell down but got up seeing fit to make right garden confession when an Adam didn’t, is a dangerous affront to what was the will of God in providing for future known deficiencies of this man and a gross miscarriage of truth and accuracy in word, and especially pertaining to its illegal and unrighteous application within the lives of females now living subjugated and well out side of God‘s equal intent and purposes for her in creation.

With that said, what still was the intent of God in Genesis 3:17, saying "Because thou hast hearkened unto thy wife?" The female, having already sought to make a stand before the serpent, having already been beguiled by his subtil ways and tricked into eating the fruit, turns to her husband and makes offer of the fruit to him as well and he without comment, did eat. That much we know, even from the confines of a traditional male pulpit, but what is it about this moment that many don’t know? For our answer, let’s hearken back (no pun intended) to the location of Adam in Genesis 3:6 and then upon further investigation also prove what must have been the actual mind-set of this man.

Genesis 3:6 states, "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat." Scripture never records that the female changed locations in order to give fruit unto her husband to eat. Even a scripture which in details describes the newly found physical appeal of this fruit to her eyes, does not say, "and she departed to find her husband to give him of the fruit as well," but that she simply "gave." Neither does even an Adam arrogantly railing accusation in the face of God in Genesis 3:12 say that he ate the fruit but had no idea from where it came, he simply says, "The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat." Further, there were only two people in the garden, in this respect, they were always "with" each other, so to give "also unto her husband with her" has to mean that Adam was indeed present during the entire duration of her fall. Now if the word simply said, "and gave also unto her husband; and he did eat" we would have to honestly say that we have no indication of his actual location. But the word itself speaks and clearly says the he was with her and this also explains the utter lack of conversation between the two regarding the origin of the fruit, all she had to do was give. And finally, had Adam been tricked or even misled by Eve she would have been required to confess it in order to earn righteous name and title from the foreknowledge of God but she did not. She simply confessed that she indeed was tricked.

Adam did not hearken unto the female for any reason other than to eat the fruit of the garden. He failed to hearken to her physically as a wife and hence no children, he failed to hearken to her spiritually as "Eve" in being a life-giver (and he just being an "Adam" as in made to be ashamed, humiliated, a hypocrite and mean man of low degree), he failed to hearken to her aid likewise as "helpmeet" with him knowing that the fruit could be touched only not eaten and then also failing to justly interfere in what was about to be a clear violation and sinful action of the female, even bringing about her death. In fact, the silent presence of an Adam, a being who she only knew as "Man" given the lie of Adam in Genesis 2:23 (introducing himself to her as "Man" and not an "Adam") and therefore a man deceiving her, a man that she nevertheless innocently, but wrongly considered to be "husband," (the name "Adam" does not and cannot denote the good character of a person required to qualify as a garden "husband" in the Hebrew, but the meaning of the gender term "man," the term which Adam sought to covet as his own, among other desirous things, does) is ultimately the reason why she was tricked. Consider, God gave famous command to the man in Genesis 2:17 prior to the arrival of the female saying, "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Even the word from God that the female received about the garden first came to her through an Adam now seeking to impersonate the fictional garden person of "Man" and it was a word as given to her, particularly considering its human source, incomplete at the root and designed to deceive in its purpose.

Well, how do we know this? We know this because a female honored in both name and title confessed to being "beguiled" by the serpent and eating the fruit only, never did she confess to the telling of a lie, yet in Genesis 3:3 even she spoke the words, "But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die," and yet what did God actually say in Genesis 2:17 to a man even he called an "Adam" but "thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." And what also were the words of God upon his return to the garden post-fall, in speaking to a now hiding Adam but "Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?" God never says or indicates in any way that to merely "touch" the fruit was to violate his command. Yet, if even this is not enough we must also consider the word of God to Adam in Genesis 2:15, here word teaches that God gave additional purpose to this man, not just to multiply, and even prior to commanding him not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, saying "And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it." Well how did God expect this man to "dress and keep" trees, with ripened and then falling fruit, which according to the word from God the female received from an "Adam," could not also be touched? Has God now lost his mind or do we have a lying Adam, a short-sighted and manipulative "Adam" calling himself "Man" before an unsuspecting female yet still under the watchful eye of an all-knowing God? Is this man worthy of our trust? Have we, like the unsuspecting female of the garden, thinking he is "husband" also been tricked? Has the male tradition of the pulpit even been tricked, and perhaps even find that they prefer it?

There is a very good reason why, from the perspective of a man called an "Adam" by God, this man would seek to covet a better name for himself. Adam realized the lack of value in being an "Adam" in the garden, a garden designed by the mind of God to give birth to his righteousness even through humans in the earth. And we don’t know specifically what Adam saw about her that made him reject her identity as an "Eve," deceivingly calling her "Woman," trumping himself up as "Man," and not correctly, even obediently, introducing himself as an "Adam" instead. Perhaps there was something about the look of this female, a glow or an added outward differentiating appeal, more than even her specific gender had already afforded. Or perhaps too, it was the sore pain in his side, telling evidence of his own cut flesh, and he still living in the dark (as word never records that an "Adam" came out of the deep sleep, hence the dark, God put him in while creating the future fallen but proven to be righteous female) with blood dripping upon his hip. Or perhaps even Adam recognized the reigning life spirit of God that must have been operating in her, she being an "Eve," as life-giver and he just an "Adam" from the dust as hypocrite. But there was enough of something that clearly made a difference, enough to overly intimidate this man and to shake him at the core of his very being, enough to expose the over abundance of pride that was really there. "She must be conquered, she must be controlled and I have the power because in the garden only I know who she really is" he likely thought to himself. So instead of seeking God for his own increase in garden stature, a defiant Adam elected to step out on his own and became "Man," at least to himself and before an unknowing female he refused to call an "Eve" but only disobediently, insultingly, and even disturbingly "Woman" instead.

And yet in the garden of Eden we have fruit, which even initially to the eyes of the female did not even look good for food. Scripture records in Genesis 3:6, "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof and did eat." Well, why would this fruit ever not look good to her eyes, should it not have always been most excellent? Yes the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was banned to the humans for food but what did God create in the garden upon a tree that would deteriorate and that was inferior? But God did not create fruit that did not look good, even succulently good upon a tree, however, what was the man purposed and then even charged by God to do in Genesis 2:15 but to "dress and keep" the garden? A lying Adam however now also created for himself yet another dilemma.

Having lied to the female, saying the fruit could be neither touched or eaten, and this all in an effort to suppress the female and control fruit which he desired for himself given his suspicions that the fruit could even make him better, Adam also could not now pick up any ripened and then fallen fruit from this tree in the garden lest he be discovered in his lie by the female. He could not therefore, due to his lie, "dress and keep" all that was in the garden. As a result, we have fruit in Genesis 3:6, likely on the ground as even fallen fruit, which we learn didn’t even look good to the female, she didn’t even consider it to be a good source of food. And all the while we have a silent Adam, knowing the fruit could be touched but only not eaten. Even an Adam watching the female as she was tricked, beguiled perhaps into touching and then discovering no harm, and now for certain eating; a female trusting also in the judgment of an Adam who she felt certain would intervene on her behalf if in fact he felt she was in error, herself not knowing, not understanding that he was in this for himself. That he was content to view from the sidelines what was preventable but even deadly human drama that was about to become galactic in scope and measure before a holy God. But for an "Adam" the matter was simple. Would she eat the fruit and die, or would she eat the fruit and live? He would either be rid of this female who he in identity attacked and demonstrated no desire, or he at least would know he too could safely eat of the fruit and that God as he suspected was indeed a liar, a God who just wanted to keep the benefit of the fruit all to himself.

But the female we know as "Eve" ate of the fruit and lived. She turned to her husband, a man she knew as "Man" but who we know as an "Adam," and gave unto him also. With that, a now gleeful Adam "hearkened" unto the still living voice of his wife and he did eat. So again when we ask why now, why did Adam hearken unto the voice of his wife now, and why did God, a most holy God, a just, righteous God, find cause to chastise him for so doing, now? The answer is in the voice, the still living voice that is of a female Adam was not sure would live and selfishly seized opportunity to jeopardize the life of so that he might test effect of the fruit. But she did live, and she spoke, confirming sufficient evidence of continued life that enabled and even "hearkened" a rebellious, manipulative, now cruel Adam to with delight eat as well.

In fact when God says, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree," he is even telling us what the man Adam has really been up to if we bother, even take the time to really pay attention. God knew the man only sought to suppress the true righteous identity of the female in the garden, that he denied her in name as an "Eve," and in title as "mother of all living," that the man even denied his own name as an "Adam," all things which God had given. God could not say, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of Eve, and hast eaten of the tree," given that in reality, and from the divine perspective of God, the female even post-fall, was still without a name, even without spoken identity from a man called an Adam by God. But this was a man assigned (and not given "exclusive authority") and even tested by God to obediently name all things, and even the first daughter of God (as an honor) in the garden.

The issue for God was, she as yet did not have her name as he had given and as he had even made known to an Adam, it was to be "Eve" not this "Woman." Adam denied his will. It is for this same reason that God calls out to an "Adam" alone immediately after the fall in Genesis 3:9. And given the meaning of this man’s name, it was the same as if God was calling out and saying, "Hey hypocrite, hey humiliated, hey ashamed, hey you mean man of low degree, hey - yes you, Adam!" God was in no way here confirming (feigned) exclusive male authority as taught by the traditional male pulpit. How much do they not know? And although, even in the face of the fall God still proved respect for the choice he made in charging an Adam to name all things in the garden, God specifically refused to show respect for the disobedient work of this man in naming the female and calling her "Woman."

That he had not rightly named her prior to the fall meant that he, a future fallen man who would show no respect for confession, also elected to reject her (as he even first rejected God) in righteous name and identity, as a wife in the garden. And in rejecting her as a wife, this man was also stating that he considered what and how God had given to him to be of no value. So little did he think of it, a man who obediently proved able to name animals even in pairs, he elected not to righteously call her "Eve," though she being his equal counterpart and co-garden heir to the glory and honor of God. God knew that even an Adam would understand his righteous displeasure in only being able to refer to the female as "wife" and not "Eve." Even a still stubborn and soon punished Adam didn’t test God by calling the female "Woman" before the face of God, he says instead, "The woman thou gavest to be with me," in Genesis 3:12 not "the female who I named Woman, whom thou gavest to be with me." It now seems the gender term of "woman," for this female as a name from the mind of Adam is suddenly no longer fit, or shall we say "convenient as a means," for an Adam now standing before God and it is a small wonder why. But it was a righteous God who arrived calling out the root of what first went wrong in the garden when he said, "Adam," (and not also "Eve") "where art thou?"

In hearkening back now to Genesis 3:17, God was present, although not detected, as Adam stood by allowing the (still name-less) female to be beguiled by the serpent with even the serpent knowing that a selfish Adam would not interfere. But did Adam confess any or all of this in Genesis 3:12? Did he even volunteer to make a better confession of truth during the pregnant pause between the clearly unacceptable confession he made in Genesis 3:12 and Genesis 3:17 when God finally turns back to him issuing punishment? And should we still have to ask why, even wonder why this man Adam earned the death pronouncement, why he was a man created even in the beginning from the dust?

Yes, in Genesis 3:9, God returns to the garden calling out the name of "Adam" and not "Man," (and in so doing purposely even calling "Man" out before a woman who was to be his wife) so that the female would finally also now know that this "Man" to her is really an "Adam." Imagine the female hearing the name of "Adam" for the first time and wondering who on earth that was, she was "Woman" and he was "Man." Yet the female learns even further in Genesis 3:20 that while she proved fit as "woman" according to the Hebrew (meaning to be "mighty" and even a "champion" (but did the male pulpit ever tell you that?)), she was not in name "Woman," but that her full garden identity and purpose, even as acknowledged and called by God (and she having earned it by way of alone making a righteous confession that Adam did not) was "Eve," as "life-giver," and that even as a virgin, child-less female in a fallen garden, she was yet still recognized by God as "mother of all living."

It is fitting also that even a fallen, still stubborn but now punished and thus righteously compelled Adam, had to submit and finally confess that.

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The Real Skinny on Eve (Subtitled): A Short but Comprehensive Guide for Sisters in the Church of Jesus Christ

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Check Out Excerpts from each Chapter below and Prepare for Deliverance!:

"What's Really Your to Know about the True Garden Experience"

"This text in fact represents a sobering challenge to men and women alike. Do we really desire to operate in the truth of word and thus experience true manifestation of the power of God? Or is it enough to live anesthetized to truth and loyal only to deceptive church traditions because we lack the spiritual fortitude to rightly confront, and with full integrity discern, all of those annoying spiritual matters rooted in the garden word that fail to conform to the egos of men?"

Chapter One: "In the Name of Adam"

". . .even the name "Adam" as given by God as early as Genesis 2:19 is meant to tell us that something is wrong with this "man" even at the moment of his very creation; that he, as a man of free will, will not emerge as a "champion" (the secondary meaning of the word "man") but will instead soon be made "embarrassed" and prove himself to be "a person of very low degree."

Chapter Two: "Adam Seeks to Hide His Identity"

". . . the choice was clear. "Man" as in "a mighty champion and person of high degree" is who he became, at least to himself and before an unsuspecting female . . . But of course this is not all the man, now also called "Man" but not also "Adam" did.

Chapter Three: "The Stolen Identity of Eve"

". . . a defiant Adam, under assignment to rightly name in the garden, improperly exercised authority even in the face of God. Hence, at the hand of Adam, one purposed by God as an "Eve" simply and very caustically becomes "Woman."

Chapter Four: "The Dust of Adam"

"In giving respect to the foreknowledge of God, that Adam was a man created from dust was symbolically very telling of the man's nature . . ."

Chapter Five: "Why Adam Arrived Early"

"Adam was a man led astray by the forces of evil even despite his audience of one with God. That Adam arrived early into the garden said nothing of a greater level of authority . . . "

Chapter Six: "Adam, Wake Up: Adam's Rebellion and Grave Misunderstanding"

"In Genesis 2:23, it is clear from Adam that he believes the "Woman" to be both bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, when in fact as we know from Genesis 2:22 she was of his bone alone . . .

Chapter Seven: "The Rib Was Not a Source"

". . . the use of bone in the creation of the female was never in the original plan of God, but yes, it was all he was left with from a defiant Adam. But that the bone played an integral part or was physically or spiritually relevant in the creation of the female is erroneous teaching . . .

Chapter Eight: "The True Meaning of Eve as Adam's Help Meet"

"As provider of all of our needs, God sought to supply a help meet for Adam because God was fully aware of the man's future un-confessed works of evil" . . . "The choice for righteousness was still Adam's to make, but even as early as Genesis 2:18 God gave evidence in knowing that an already darkening Adam would require help in properly discerning and then obediently operating in and among the righteous things of God . . ."

Chapter Nine: "Adam Fails to Multiply but Deceives Eve Instead"

". . . upon hearing Eve's words, and given that Adam did not seek to verbally intervene with what he knew was true, and that truth being that the fruit could be touched but only not eaten, it is more than cautiously reasonable for the sake of truth to accurately conclude that Adam, failing to be an honest help meet to Eve, simply lied . . ."

Chapter Ten: "A Silent Adam was There"

"The solution to the problem centered upon the misinformed female he called "Woman." She was in fact a female who was currently engaged in a losing conversation with the serpent. Adam quickly reasoned that if in fact the female ate of the fruit, at least one of his two problems would surely be resolved . . .

Chapter Eleven: "The Charge: Adam Responded to the Voice of Eve"

"Adam "hearkened" to the voice of his wife only due to his own desire to safely eat of the fruit, a desire which by his plan may very well have come only at the expense of her very life . . ."

Chapter Twelve: "Adam Fails to Respond to the Voice of God"

"God already knew the heart of Adam. He knew Adam lied to Eve, withheld her identity and was complicit in seeking her demise. Nothing was of surprise to God. What God wanted however from Adam was simply the truth. Not the accusation but a full confession of truth."

Chapter Thirteen: "God Gave No Respect to "Woman" for the Female Eve as a Name"

". . . God knew what Eve did not, that the man was actually called "Adam" and not "Man" (thus now revealing the true identity of Adam to her) and that she would soon also know that her name was "Eve" and not "Woman."

Chapter Fourteen: "The Confesssion: A Righteous Eve Does Respond To the Voice of God"

"That the church does not recognize Genesis 3:13 as a full confession of sin by the female made even before God should baffle even the simplest of minds" . . . "It is without question that Eve earned a righteous name and spiritual title from God that Adam did not.

Chapter Fifteen: "God Speaks Victory and Salvation to a Fallen But Righteously Confessed Eve"

"Genesis 3:15 records God, in his denunciation of the enemy, speaking of victory and salvation through the seed of the female Eve but not also the man Adam. In fact, the man Adam recieves only punishment of harsh penalty and commandment of death from God . . .

Chapter Sixteen: "Eve Was Not Punished"

"This was a righteous but deceived and ill-affected daughter in the aftermath of her post-garden experience. Adam whether right or wrong, good or bad, confessed or un-confessed, was to remain as her husband . . ."

Chapter Seventeen: "The Male Is Not Called by God to "Rule Over" the Female"

". . . given what we now know, that God would say that the desire of the female would be to her husband is a prophetic statement and without doubt tells us that the spirit of a now dark and punished Adam would begin to see a future change" . . ."according to the plan of God, as a now obedient Adam began to "cleave" even unto a distraught and hurt Eve, the very heart of Eve would begin to turn, not against, but even toward this man Adam. Her now changing and turning heart would thus allow Adam, in his own changed and still changing state . . ."

Chapter Eighteen: "The World Did Not Fall until the Righteous Female Sinned"

"Given that Adam's sin of rebellion is clear as early as Genesis 2:23 and that even the great lie of Adam, which precipitated the fall, is made evident as early as Genesis 3:3, it is erroneous by all means to even suggest that the world did not fall until in fact the man Adam sinned . . ."

Chapter Nineteen: "More about the Garden Confession"

"In Genesis 3:13 the fallen but still righteous female admits to committing this sin by the trick of the enemy. With that said, the Lord accepts the statement of Eve and gives indisputable credibility of truth to it in his response to the serpent . . ."

Chapter Twenty: "Adam Got a Time-Out"

"As we already know, a dark, arrogant Adam lodged accusation against the female and thus also the God who created her. What we must take a closer look at is why God delayed pronouncing judgment upon Adam the very moment Adam refused the confession and lodged accusation instead."

Chapter Twenty-One: "God Punishes Adam"

"The harsh punishment of Adam in no way served as an indication of greater responsibility or authority conferred upon the man as given by God. It was only a result of Adam's refusal to make the garden confession . . ."

Chapter Twenty-Two: "The Remaking of Adam"

"Genesis 1:27 ends by stating that "male and female created he them," thus confirming that even by the prophetic word of God, a dark Adam would eventually forsake disobedience and instead exalt the righteousness of God thereby becoming not only "man" as in "mighty champion" but by achieving the noteworthy status of "male" as well."

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"The Real Skinny on Eve" to be available via and Soon!

Taking a Contrary Position to the Traditional Word of the Garden . . .

First of all, it is not easy. In fact it is by far the hardest and most complicated cause, purpose and calling that I have in my life. I have lost a church home, a pastor and friends. My children have lost a church home, a pastor and friends. The cost has equated to being more than I even calculated, or even could have calculated in the very earliest moments of this ministry’s birth. But it is here. And this word is in the bible. It is only difficult to recognize because the answers are really so very simple. It’s not complicated, the cause is, but the word itself is not.

Lodging accusation (Genesis 3:12) does not earn one any honor from God. Submitting to make confession (Genesis 3:13) before God unarguably however does. Adam lodged the accusation, Eve submitted to make confession. God had regard for the confession of Eve and He proves it in Genesis 3:14 by immediately pronouncing punishment of the serpent based solely upon the words of the female: “The serpent beguiled me and I did eat.”

Now, unless God is now to be made a fool, it is a confession which is to be honored among all men as well. Further, judge me as an Eve please, I dare not otherwise be an Adam content to hang on to and put my confidence in making an arrogant accusation before and against God instead. I don’t in fact know any Christian who would be comfortable taking a like position as Adam. Would you? Then why exalt him over and above a confessed, garden Eve? But this is the model of authority that we submit to in the church?

As for who was created in the image of God, both the male and female were created to be in the full image of God. However, although the male and the female were created to be in the image of God, as human beings, they could never be perfect. This is the absolute reason why confession of sin before God is such a critical matter. Only God is perfect. Eve manifested in the flesh as an eventually fallen but also confessed and therefore proven righteous being, Adam on the other hand required God to make him to be in his image. That is, Adam had no inner regard for the confession and tragically failed to favor the righteousness of God in his life. Hence, Adam lodged the accusation only. In fact, a rebellious, un-confessed Adam’s change did not come in the garden but is only evident during the time of Seth’s birth -- that is, even after the birth of two sons, the death of Able and the banishment of Cain.

Why did Adam manifest earlier than Eve in the garden? Because God is the supplier of all of our needs and an unrighteous Adam had a need for God to teach him what he was responsible for doing in the garden (a righteous Eve would have no such need). Adam was given an assignment (and not exclusive authority) to name in the garden. The naming of the animals for Adam was an exercise, it was merely a drill. The actual test for Adam would not be in naming the animals but in obediently naming a female who even he realized was the more righteous (and therefore also having more authority). This is why the female did not receive a name from a jealous Adam until after the fall and after receiving the punishment of God. Eve was a “life-giver”, that is the meaning of her name. The man Adam had a name which meant only humiliation, a person of low degree and one who is a hypocrite. This was hardly a complement ladies, but what was and is God trying to tell us? Is there something wrong with this man Adam? Is there more to be discerned?

God gave Adam three things to obediently do in the garden and Adam failed miserably in every area. Adam was given the privilege by God to name his daughter. But at the hands of Adam, the female purposed by God to be an “Eve” merely became known as “Woman” instead. Adam received instruction, which was to be delivered to the female as well, that the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil could not be eaten. By the time Eve tells the serpent what she believes to be true in Genesis 3:3 we realize that Adam lied. A proven righteous Eve believes the tree is not to be either touched or eaten. She believed what she was told by Adam. It becomes even more ridiculous for Adam when we also consider, that Adam was under commandment by God to “dress” and “keep” the garden (Genesis 2:15). Well, how do you keep ripe and then dead, falling, and rotting fruit in the garden, if you can not even touch the fruit, to in the very least, remove it? Could God be so misleading, even confusing? Or did Adam simply lie?

These are just a few of the issues ladies, Eve proves to be far more righteous and Adam proves to be far more darker than we knew. Get “The Real Skinny on Eve” as soon as it is made available. Far more important to just making you feel better as a sister and daughter in Christ, this is about the Character and Righteousness of our Heavenly Father first and foremost. Is God to be made into a liar, has he now become a respecter of persons? Would a holy God reward the evil accusation and lies of Adam and turn a blind eye to a righteously confessed garden Eve?

What are we really willing to say about our God? Why should we, as His children, allow ourselves to be held responsible for thinking so little of His Righteousness?

Don’t be afraid to make the change. Empower yourself and get the facts. It doesn’t make you a disobedient Christian to be rightly informed, it is how you handle the information that makes the difference. All you need to do is learn how to ask the right questions and thereby obediently (and even respectfully) challenge the hypocrisy of the pulpit. For what is God but his Truth? And what are we if we fail to courageously and even earnestly walk in His truth?

This is not about causing division, I love the Church, but church itself can ultimately only be as good as it is honest to the word of God. Only God is God, church itself is not our God. We are to worship in spirit and in truth and it is to Him alone, that we owe the greater sacrifice. Get “The Real Skinny on Eve” and then please consider joining me in making it.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"The Real Skinny on Eve"

A Short but Comprehensive Guide on the Real
Identity of Sisters in the Church of Jesus Christ

By: Dawn Davidson






Is God a respecter of persons? How many names did Adam actually have,

and among them, which one only did God approve? Was the bone of Adam

even relevant in the creation of the female and when should a confession of

truth accepted even by God be rendered of no regard? Was the female

actually ever punished, and if so, why was she then also rewarded

and honored by God even after the fall?

The new and up-coming book entitled "The Real Skinny on Eve" (subtitled "A Short but Comprehensive Guide on the Real Identity of Sisters in the Church of Jesus Christ") is quite simply answered prayer. It is the amazing truth of God's word, and not the word of man, about the "fearful" and "wonderful" creation of the female. It is an Old Testament word purposed, designed, and positioned to tread upon the very head of an enemy now still dominant and especially detrimental within the spiritual lives of females in the church of God.

What the "Real Skinny on Eve" is not, is a superlative exaltation of the female, it is but only grounded in word. It is neither intended nor should it be interpreted as an attack against either the church or our Christian brothers. It furthermore, is a word delivered absent anger, female bias and male-bashing. It does however speak truth to power and it is absolutely unmatched in discernment of the garden word.

Sisters, this treatment of scripture is akin to having gone to every store, on every side of town and suddenly, after losing all hope, finding the right shoe that fits. It is the right color, it is the right size, and it sits upon the right-sized heel. It is the vindication and relief that many of our tired, aching, and marginalized souls have been yearning for. It is shocking revelation still in hard labor, yet soon to be delivered, and it is the type of revelation which we have learned to no longer dare even expect on this side of time. "The Real Skinny on Eve" is a saturating balm prepared especially for the daughters of Christ - black, white, yellow, red and brown - poured even upon rough, dry and savagely scarred hearts left unattended for far too long and now almost infectious with disease.

It is the anti-septic which unlike all the other potions, creams, and tonics we have tried, actually delivers truth in word. You will no longer "just get enough" in spirit to make it through hearing, but not also being able to listen to, sermon after sermon, and accusation after accusation, that the female indeed was not created to be in the image of God and therefore in her inception, is rendered inferior and in right subjection to the completed wholeness of the male. But you will be empowered to think right thoughts and to soberly, in the absence of all male pride and arrogance, discern word in a manner giving glory to God only and not making Him into a respecter of persons and therefore also a liar.

Most importantly, with great delight, you will discover how to ask the right questions of your pastors and teachers - in bible class, among believers, and during other personal hours of study -- questions which without fail, will mandate the truth of word and prove man to be the liar.

Who I am

I am an African-American daughter of Christ from the Baptist tradition who like many, have been struggling with the traditional garden word and the bondage it readily creates in the lives of so many. After having endured what I thought would be the extent of my worst personal hardships, upon entering the Kingdom of God I was immediately shackled as both a woman and a wife and discovered that I was akin to not much better than the snake. I was advised that God would not speak to me but only to my husband and that in an effort to boost the male and to stop being the "man", I should quit a job which gave critical support to my family, and with two small daughters at home, just wait and see what God would do.

While as an obedient, yet uninformed Christian, I sought to submit in and to both marriage and male-dominated leadership (and no I did not quit my job) at my core I agonized in daily fits of bewilderment about the sanity of such a religious world and often even wondered aloud if God could possibly be so ridiculous.

And although it is with great passion that I love God and even then just wanted to be right within His Kingdom, I regrettably watched as many of my younger days turned into months, and months into years. Moreover, despite firm rooting in church, I felt diminished, certainly not stronger in spirit, and became but only stoic in such matters at best.

It was during my worst days when the Lord roused me from sleep early one morning with the simple directive to write about the garden. Truth be told, my pastor (at that time), disclosed to me that whatever is true in the garden is what is true in the very mind of God. I am sure at that moment he never thought I would actually ever receive from God what was His Answer even unto me. Well I did and now I am free.

I do have to say, nothing simply just came to me. This was only after years of submitting to a situation in which I should never have been. I have real emotional, spiritual, and mental scars and to this day I am, as a member, unable to return to an institutionalized church setting. After long contemplation and finally sitting down for the first time (of many) to examine and then write this word, I knew that if I could not be proven as an equal in human creation, according even within the word of God, that I would forever be lost to the church as an institution, and likely even ultimately lost to God. I utilized a King James Bible and The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible only -- and the Holy Spirit led.

It seems I had to live this word, and fully experience and identify with the pain it creates, to interpret the many layers of it's reality and to fully grasp the wonderment of the accurate biblical truth. I have literally grieved for this truth to be made known. My dream is to experience a house of God where truth and not tradition reigns, where hearts are truly mended and not torn apart; where the work of the enemy is with diligence identified and cast into outer realms and yet certainly not blindly cradled within.

Please, regardless of where you are as a Christian female at this moment, know that the fault is definitely not to be found in either the word or God but only as such meaning and interpretation is translated from word to the pew by the pulpit. And if you are one who has already abandoned God due to such issues, perhaps avoiding even coming to God - hang on, take time to reconsider and stay-put. There is a better answer in truth and it is on the way!

Why I Write

I write as I have been moved by God to do. I also write to bring greater meaning to what would otherwise be my own obscure experiences within the church of God. Perhaps other women will be made free, perhaps Christian men will be made free. The entire church is currently held captive by the erroneous interpretation of this word. While one, being female, is caused to suffer outside of the will of God, one, being male, is made into a perpetrator of such needless suffering, whether aware or not.

Yet ultimately it is both the plan and will of God with which we tamper. Anointed calls of God as made to countless women, both today and over what have been countless centuries throughout the ages, are and were rendered null and dead even at inception due to the retarded, dysfunctional, and stifled evil growth of the garden word.

What You Can Do Now

First, continue to check this blog for updates regarding the publication date of "The Real Skinny on Eve".

Secondly, pray and prepare for the full deliverance of this word by studying the word of the garden for yourself first. Find out how many names the man Adam actually had and seek to discern the true relevance of his bone in the creation of the female. What does it mean for a man, such as Adam, to "cleave" to a woman and then did Adam do so? Can God command "desire" and then would He do so? Finally, why did Eve receive a title from God which spoke of life even after the fall of the garden yet Adam did not?

These represent only a few of the life-altering revelations truly rooted in the garden word. What you will ultimately discover is that such things that "are" in the church of men, find no "likeness in kind" within what is the actual word of God.

I say Hallelujah and thank you Jesus, we are free!

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